KOPS offers 24/7 professional off-duty police security services in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, and West Virginia.

  • Retail & Restaurant

    Retail & Restaurant

    Retailers and restaurants have temporary heightened security needs for special events, product launches and holiday shopping (Black Friday to Christmas) suited to law enforcement personnel.

  • Executive & Dignitary Protection

    Executive & Dignitary Protection

    KOPS offers versatile law enforcement officers who work in high pressure environments daily. KOPS’ guard services employ active uniformed or plainclothed police officers to escort VIPs, dignitaries and executives.

  • Corporate and Industrial Facilities

    Corporate and Industrial Facilities

    KOPS furnishes active police officers to secure personnel, inventory, equipment and property. KOPS serve as a crime deterrent whether on foot or vehicle patrol utilizing government issued vehicles.

  • Property Management & HOA Patrols

    Property Management & HOA Patrols

    Nightly patrols and community meeting security by use of active off-duty police ensures safe neighborhoods and protection of personal and commercial property.

  • Hospitality & Tourism

    Hospitality & Tourism

    Off-duty police cultivate a sense of security for travelers. KOPS retains veteran officers with the experience to effectively minimize criminal activity.

  • Financial Institutions

    Financial Institutions

    Bank robberies occur every 77 minutes (approx). Highly visible police officers will create a secure banking environment by significantly diminishing unforeseen criminal activity.

  • Cargo Transportation & Logistics Escorts

    Cargo Transportation & Logistics Escorts

    KOPS utilizes active police officers to safeguard premium cargo to avert costly theft. Active officers travel alongside shipments to final loading docks or retail depots leaving a GPS footprint every step of the way.

  • Heavy Highway Construction

    Heavy Highway Construction

    KOPS law enforcement officers comply with state and local traffic laws to keep traffic flow moving while ensuring general public's safety.

  • Special Events

    Special Events

    KOPS has an extensive national network of active police officers to provide crowd management and traffic control to a wide variety of venues and events.

  • Disaster Response

    Disaster Response

    Extreme weather and industrial emergencies (fire/flood/hazardous material) often require an immediate officer response to promote public safety and deter criminal activity such as looting and vandalism.

  • Security & Post Guards

    Security & Post Guards

    KOPS police officers will ensure property and assets are always safe. Officers are armed, have powers to arrest and may be uniformed or in plain clothes at the client's discretion.

  • New Construction

    New Construction

    Construction yard police security in government issued vehicles protect equipment and material by discouraging criminal activity and theft.

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