School Resource Officer

Certified School Resource Officers (SROs) - Student Safety and Security

In light of recent tragic shootings, families and local communities raise questions concerning safety and security of our children. It may be time to assess overall school security by having a police officer in your school to create a safer environment. School Resource Officers, or SROs, are law enforcement who advise and protect school communities. When police officers are integrated into a school system, advantages go far beyond reduced violence. Officers often build relationships while serving as a resource to students, teachers, and administrators to help deter crime.

School police officers are not armed guards standing haphazardly at school entrances at the beginning and end of each school day. School police officers may be present at extracurricular activities building trust with students and getting involved upon a threat or danger to the school.

Keeping our young people safe is a common motivator for all of us. That's why KOPS retains certified School Resource Officers (SRO) with accreditations from state and national certifying agencies including NASRO, SSAC and KYASRO.